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2D Art

Me and photoshop are pals. It’s not like I’m a great artist, because, you know, I don’t have the Thing… but we get along pretty well, and together, we’ve done quite a lot of things.

  • Cover for the Cahiers du Jeu Vidéo magazine.

  • A small study about cloth from reference material.

  • Some vecto-like work in Photoshop, entirely done with the lasso tool.

  • A tabletop RPG material: Some Elven Priest Guy.

  • Another RPG material: A Human Abbess Lady.

  • And last of the trinity: A Dwarven Pope Dude.

  • Artwork for the Eleusis tabletop RPG

  • Another of Eleusis‘ artworks, lasso style.

  • A RPG Character portrait I got commissioned with.

  • Material & brush works.

I’ve been working on and off on Photoshop for 15 years or so, and before that I used to dabble in graphics with old standards like Deluxe Paint on Amiga & such. I’ve a bit of an artistic background, and I know my way around colors and stuff. It’s been pretty useful for working on mockups, touching up a diffuse map here and there and talking to the Art Lead without sounding like I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.
Which happens, actually, but I got pretty good at pretending.

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