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No Place Like Home

An iOS self-published Escape type adventure game I worked on with Sachka Duval, using The Wizard of Oz as an inspiration.

A while ago, me and friend Sachka decided to make a smallish adventure game that would have a strong narrative. we elected to set the story in a gritty setting, and as we started to lay the first story elements, Sachka had the idea to twist the story to integrate a somewhat twisted reference to the Wizard of Oz as a backdrop to our game.

I made a rough playable prototype in Flash, but work on Brooklyn Story started to make for longer workdays and the “Oz” project was put to rest for a while. That’s when Sachka picked the game where we left it and started the development from scratch using Multimedia Fusion 2.

While she was handling the development and the sound, I handled the visuals. We went back to the drawing board, and thought up of a way to place the narrative as core of the game. It’s a simple point’n'click inspired game, but I think the story setting does work rather well.

We first made a web-based Flash version, and after gathering feedback from players, we decided to port it to iOS while at the same time adding some more content and polish. We’re finally about to push it out to the Appstore. I hope people will like it!

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