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Wakfu TCG

Ah! A trading card game. The whole project brought me back to my Magic: The Gathering experience; and that was great.

As we were deep in Wakfu’ development, we started to launch other projects tied to its universe. There was the animation, of course, but also a Trading Card Game I had the chance to design.
Back in the 90s, I got really into Magic:TCG and a buncha others, so when we started to launch side projects, I couldn’t miss an occasion to work on a card game. And so I did, and with those great guys at Upperdeck Europe too!

We tried to make a game that was accessible for our non-savvy player base, but that also retained a lot of tactical depth. I think we nailed it real well after a few iterations, and the community did really hop in as well. We held a bunch of tournaments, with all the bells & whistles: draft, sealed decks, constructed decks, etc.

  • The game is based on a Land-Hero-Power thats a bit reminiscent of L5R TCG or the old MECCG (sans dice)

  • Between the in-house illustrator and the contract guys, I really like how the cards turned to.

  • …And a TCG was just the perfect idea for live tourneys!

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